A+D Musem/Bradbury
issue : 092003

**MOVED!!, but the orginal space remains...
8560 W. Sunset Boulevard, ground floor
1 block west of La Cienega, W. Hollywood, CA 90069-2311

Parking is available on surrounding streets
and in the building.
Access building parking on Alta Loma.

Although the subject of HYBRIDiA has never been about a building per se, one cannot deny the important presence of the building in which this particular urban space resides in - the Bradbury Building. Its history began in 1893 by two visionaries: Lewis Bradbury (a mining/real-estate millionaire) and one of his drafters, George Wyman (an untrained architectural apprentice at the time of the design). The result was a truly unique Victorian - Art Nouveau - Post Modern interior space outside of Paris and stands proudly as a Historic Cultural Monument #6 in the National Register for Historic Places. Its long aging history took its toll, but in the late 90's, the building was retrofitted to its original glory by Ira Yellin (the current owner) decided to use its architectural significance to promote architecture and design (communities) in Los Angeles for the larger public to enjoy.

The museum is located in between two interesting open spaces; the famous 5 story atrium space of the Bradbury (unfortunately only the ground floor is opened to the public) that is full of intricate iron work from France, and the multistory parking structure adjacent to the property line forming a small outdoor dining space/garden where visitors can rest, eat, and enter from. A large portion of the ground floor was then donated to run a nonprofit organization called, Architecture and Design (A+D) Museum where wonderful architectural and design exhibitions are free within this historical gem; double the viewing pleasure. You can wander through the space as a passage, museum, and enjoy quiet lunch in the courtyard, a difficult sighting in downtown Los Angeles or the whole county for that matter.

The entire space within the Bradbury Building could have been lost to commercialism in downtown Los Angeles, but triumphantly stands as one of the urban treasures and further embraces such an intellectually stimulating space. One marvels at the lasting power of this 100+ year old building in Los Angeles... A must see and discover.

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*free admission, open from 10am to 7pm (Mon-Sat) and noon to 6pm (Sun), closed on Mondays