issue : 102002

It is rare to see the entire Los Angeles from here (or from anywhere) because of the smog, but on a sunny day, you should be able to see as far as Century City to the west... plus, its post-apocalyptic-like-sunset can be refreshing. Great spot to start off your city tour right off of 101 Hollywood FWY (Lakeridge Pl. unto Mulholland Dr.)and navigate from the top of the flatland that is Los Angeles. This road was named after William Mulholland, former chief engineer for the Los Angeles City Water Department in 1913 and promoted as a scenic highway to make the mountains accessible to the people of Los Angeles.

As you'd see, "Mulholland Road was built in the 1920s "to take Angelinos from the city to the ocean". From parkway vista points you can see panoramas of the city, mountains and beaches, or hike trails into pockets of wilderness hidden in the canyons. Mulholland Scenic Corridor runs approximately 50 miles from Griffith Park to Leo Carrillo State Beach, and links city, county, state, and federal parks within the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area."

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Los Angeles Department of Water (LADWP)
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Mulholland & the Rise of LA

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