issue : 052004

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to roam Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills in the middle of the day with thousands of people? On every Father's Day, the shopping mecca, Rodeo Drive (between Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevard) becomes an annual setting for the 'Concours on Rodeo' and you can stroll the street like you own the place. This particular concours is the only day Rodeo Drive is closed to all traffic and the only Concours that is opened freely to public on Rodeo Drive.

To make the event more interesting, each year, sponsors and themes change (i.e. 2004 Concours was partly sponsored by Rolex and local businesses, celebrating 50 years of Ferrari in U.S.) - with a single, common goal, help raise funds for CHP 11-99 Foundation and Amie-Karen Cancer Foundation.

Nearly hundred thousand people attend the event and it's growing each year... It's not often we see Georgio Armani and Channel are only used as a 'back drop'.

Check out some more detail photographs in Quicktime.

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*plenty of public parking spaces. See you next year!