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All kinds of daily, useful goodies online, (no) affiliations with HYBRIDiA but share similar spatial enthusiasm. Check in often to see the latest!

_Line ...San Francisco AIA web site that looks and works more like soulful designers' magazine/community

0lll ... real photographs of real buildings, mostly from Europe and bits from rest of the world

A+D Museum ... architecture and design Museum, free and always w/good stuff on their exhibitions, now at a new location on Sunset

A-Matter ... architecture and related matters from Germany and great projects and writing/criticism from Europe

Apartment Therapy ... cool, space-blog if you will... based in New York, but it can apply to everywhere

A Weekly Dose of Architecture ... should be daily dose, lots of unknown projects world wide

AR+D ... emerging architecture award where you can see the young and upcoming designers worldwide

Archetours, Inc. ... architectural group tour

Archibot ... quick headlines

Archinect ... pimping architecture since 1997, probably the best architectural blogs and active forum

ArchiNed ... coming from Netherlands, great architectural and urban news resource from world wide

Architechnophilia ... a great architectural blog from the British West Indies

Architect's Newspaper ... well - newspaper for architects

Architecture Radio ... interesting nonprofit online forum that promotes discussion of architecture using combination of multimedias (audio/video/discussion)

Architecture Photo ... simple, great collection of architectural online magazine

Architecture Room ... great source for competitions worldwide architechnophilia

Architectural League of NY ... for more than 100 years the Architectural League of New York has helped architects, artists, and the public enrich their understanding of the purposes and importance of architecture and still going with current events in the city

Architectural Review ... sweet, classic mag

Architecture for Humanity ... one of the main nonprofit organization that constantly developing towards a single noble goal: housing for all

Architizer ... Online architectural community where individuals can share information peer to peer

ArchiTonic ... Based in Zurich, Architonic AG is an internationally based team of architects, designers, IT experts and marketing professionals. Our key aim is to generate up-to-the-minute and relevant expert information and knowledge, and to distribute this across the Architonic community of architects, designers, researchers, manufacturers and retailers

ArchNewsNow ... whole

Arcspace ... great contemporary research, criticism, and writings

Arthitectural ... was founded with the mission of delivering as soon as it is happening brand new information about architecture, concept & competition, furniture design, interior design, lighting design and urban design

BBCi ... audio

BLDG BLOG ... architectural conjecture . urban speculation . landscape futures

BuildingDesign ... architects' website from England

BuildingGreen ... the sister site to the leading architecture platform, Archinect, focuses on keeping the design community busy and inspired. Bustler has become the go-to online publication for competition and event listings in the architecture and design industries

Bustler ... green resource for you all green designers (by publishers of 'Environmental Buildings News")

California's Gold ... one of the most interesting daily television program regarding your neighbors

Contemporist ... is someone who appreciates contemporary design - they focus on architecture, furniture, interior design, lighting and anything else to do with contemporary design

Curating the City: Wilshire Blvd ... ’s newest educational program that provide an excellent interactive tour guide of Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles

Curbed ... virtual conversation about real estate in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and beyond. Sales and rental prices, celebrity deals, new developments, amusing broker stories, hot restaurants, and the latest neighborhood gossip...

Danda ... probably one of the best source next to A-Matter, especially unknown firms and projects in Europe; fantastic effort by the small number of editors

DailyICON ... an line magazine that is dedicated to unearthing emerging and established talent and sharing inspiring design solutions

Dailytonic ... a project by Architoinc AG Zurich that provides with daily architectural inspiration

Dawson Gallery/Books ... leading source in Southern California for rare and out of print books in the

Death by Architecture ... lots of competition information and discussion forum

Design Milk ... milk does body good; a blog dedicated to art, architecture, & design

Designfeast ... whole lot of links, growing webliography dedicated to gathering and providing potentially usable content on the family of design disciplines: architecture, fashion, graphic, industrial, interactive, interior design, lighting, sustainable,
urban et al

Design News ... Good stuff from all over the web sphere...

Destination Main Streets ... it's about walking, eating, shopping, and living life outside of mall driven boxes in urban setting

Delirious LA ... research and essays on landscape, urbanism and architecture

Descrit ... thoughtful critique of designs, objects, and patterns to elevate awareness and critical thought regarding all of the designed universe

Dezain ... a very cool design weblog in English and Japanese, lots of architectural stuff here

Downtown Los Angeles ... everything including business, politics, arts, culture of Los Angeles Downtown

Drowning in Culture ... a Web-based exploration into the architecture, art, underground music, and social culture of Los Angeles and its surrounding environs

Earth Architecture ... back to a primitive mode? no, very refreshing look at earthy building method and related news

Echo Park ... very cool local community web site in Los Angeles

Eiffel Tower ... official site of the Eiffel Tower with its tourism information and incredible virtual photo/video galleries of Paris

Electronic House Magazine ... for those discriminating consumers who enjoy the elegance, simplicity and fun afforded by integrated home technology

Ernis House ... Assisted by the expertise of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the LA Conservancy and the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy, The Ennis House Foundation has embarked upon the first phase of the house's needed restoration

Eyebeam ... a NY based organization that's dedicated to encouraging dialog between arts and sciences

FebPrefab ... interesting site that consists of anything and everything about prefab-construction and designs

Frame Magazine ... a bi-monthly trade magazine from Amsterdam which focuses on cutting-edge corporate and public interiors, and especially on retail, exhibition, hospitality and workplace design

Friends of the Hight Line ... non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and reuse of the High Line - a 1.5 mile, elevated railway that runs along the West Side of Manhattan

Gabion ... great architectural criticism by Hugh Pearman, London-based architecture and design critic

Galinsky ... awesome online travel guide to some of the great modern architecture

GhostTowns ... you got it, online guide to authentic ghost towns

Gigapxl ... super high-res digital photography technology to capture its cities, parks, and monuments

Graffiti Archaeology ... photographic study/chronology of graffiti effect in urban fabric

Great Buildings Collection ... probably the only architectural online search engine

Habitat for Humanity International ... nonprofit housing organization since 1976

Hennessey + Ingalls ... the biggest concentration of visual library in Los Angeles

HollywoodJunkie ... very cool collection of 360° virtual photography of Los Angeles; very much like HYBRIDiA

Implosionworld ... sometimes you just have to take a break and have fun with buildings

Infiltration ... supercool, infiltrating those places where "you are not suppose to"

Inhabitat ... weblog devoted to the future of architecture and interior design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing design towards a smarter and more sustainable future

Institute for Advanced Architecture ... is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing an awareness of Architecture to the widest possible public through research, exchange, and exhibition

Jetson Green ... green obsession!

John Lautner Foundation ... a nonprofit organization, founded by family members and interested associates, for the purpose of preserving late John Lautner's work

Koelnarchitektur ... wish I can speak German; great photo essay about German cities

Les Photos de Villes ... photographic mapquest of major cities in France, wish it is much more virtual, but very cool never the less

LiveModern ... is a free and open community for modern home buyers, architects, builders, developers, furnishers, lenders, realtors-anyone interested in modernist housing... "making modernism affordable", interesting online community

Los Angeles Conservancy ... is the largest membership-based local historic preservation organization in the country, is dedicated to the recognition, preservation, and revitalization of the architectural and cultural heritage of greater Los Angeles

Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design ... is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting innovative art, architecture, design, and urbanism since 1987

Los Angeles, I'm Yours ... is great online spot to search for the inbetween spots, lifestyle, art, etc in Los Angeles... great love letter to a city we love

Los Angeles PhotoGallery ... photographic listing showing interesting historical buildings within downtown Los Angeles to Hollywood

Loud Paper ... is a zine dedicated to increasing the volume of architectural discourse. It is a slambamgetitoutthere way of linking architectural thoughts, musings and new work with the culture at large

MakeArchitecture ... online dialog which centers around Chicago and its urban setting

MapHawk ... on/offline map of small local businesses and interesting places

MetaEfficient ... very cool, energy efficient products review web site

Materialicious ... shelter, materials, & objects!

Materials & Applications ... finally a research center about landscape! M&A is a Silver Lake based research center dedicated to pushing new and underused ideas for landscape and architecture into view

Mission 66 ... Mid Century Modern Architecture in the National Parks and uniquely American buildings serving the traveling public

MOCOLOCO ... a web magazine dedicated to everything related to modern contemporary design and architecture, including; residential architecture, interior design, furniture, accessories, lighting, floor coverings, wall coverings, books, web sites, audio-video, online & retail stores and more

ModernArchitecture ... is to be the hub of the new Modern Architecture Open Database. This new national (soon to be international)

+Mood ... is an online design resource dedicated to everything relating to contemporary architecture, innovative interior design, creative products and all other aspects of design topics; it serves as an emissary for the design profession

Muuuze ... architecture + design + tendances + inspiration from Franceis

National Building Museum ... a nice place to visit when you are in Washington D.C.

Notebook ... a simple visual link to tons of latest architecture(and design)

Office Snapshot ... an interesting blog to look into various companies from within - literally ... a virtual photography community from Denmark

Plastolux™ ... a passionate multidisciplinary designer's collection of inspiration - very interesting DIY section

Plataforma Arquitectura ... a Spanish architectural blog/listing - simple, straight to the point to beautiful buildings

Polar Inertia ... dedicated to exploring the nomadic urban condition in all of its manifestations

Project Rebirth ... using time-lapse photography, the site documents the day-by-day rebuilding of the World Trade Center site in New York City

PSA Publishers ... a nice collection of interesting many unknown architects world wide

Radical Urban Theory ... great collection of writings on modern urban conditions

Recent Past Preservation Network ... is a valuable resource for building public education and awareness of an often misunderstood and under appreciated era of design

ReModelista ... Great, quick sourcebook for the DIYers and professionals

Roadside Peekshow ... funny, interesting, architectural freekshow? How refreshing!

Site-Specific Experiment ... is a research company located in Bankok, Thailand founded by Chutayaves Sinthuphan to investigate who we are as human through the means of architecture and gastronomy ... is the first design blog to focus entirely in the details of design, because details reveal the product's essence, they can tell better than words what's behind the designer's mind

Spoon & Tamago ... is an international blog that is based out of New York City and Tokyo Japan by artist and writer Johnny Strategy

StylePark ... acts as curator and intermediary for the best contemporary design

Structurae ... offers information on works of structural engineering (and architecture) around

Travel With Frank Gehry ... interesting blog that keeps log of locations that can inspire all of us

Urbanism ... daily urbanism news headlines from online newspapers

U.S. Green Building Council ... is the nation's foremost coalition of leaders from across the building industry working to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live and work

V-2 ... interesting mixture of interface, usability, architecture, urbanism, media and culture

VIEW ... is a specialist architecture and interior design picture library

Vitruvio ... interesting architectural portal from Switzerland

Volume5 ... whole lot of stuff in one place

WebUrbanist ... a collective blog which is interested in all things urban - from urban design to subversive art and strange architecture

We-Make-Money-Not-Art ... another interesting web blog from Belgium that discovers various cross medi(um)a - stuff

What We Do is Secret ...What We Do Is Secret is a blog about art + architectural, industrial, interior and olfactory design

William Stout Architectural Books ...local San Francisco visual arts library

Your Architects Portal ... all in wonder architectural search engine


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