issue : 012004

Emerging out of the current trend of hip and chic hotels, Andre Balazs of "The Standard" renovated former Bank of California in the middle of downtown Los Angeles to something interesting, despite the negative impression of the site. This mid-century modern interpretation by Koning Eizenberg Architects takes advantage of one thing we almost have too much of in Los Angeles: horizontal surface space, especially the rooftop.

The City of Los Angeles is probably the flattest city on the planet. Everywhere you go, it's hard to find tall buildings, even in downtown. Perhaps it's because of earthquakes or simply because we just have too much land to begin with. The city is covered with asphalt parking lots and grey rooftops covered with tar and mechanicals. At The Standard Hotel, there are two rarities combined: habitable public space and vertical structure.

Although it can be quite chilly even in summer nights, the view of the downtown can be an unique experience. It's surrounded by towers nearby which give an illusion of floating in mid air. The roof top is divided into several spaces: 'near infinity' pool to cool off, open court to chill, marble covered bar to drink some martinis, artificial turf for sunbathing, and watch films that are projected onto adjacent building.... downtown is surely changing.

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*free admission during the day or if you stay in hotel, otherwise pay cover charge at nights