anectorial : 002

Here lies snippet of odd and yet true conversations between designers and builders... (by an anonymous architect)

Designer: What happened here?! There is a 2" undercut at every single door?!
Builder: Well... That is what you approved.
Designer: That can't be right...this approved submittal says 1/4" undercut...this is not acceptable ...we'll need new doors!
Builder: Well... How about we patch it with scrap wood and paint it?
Designer: Are you suggesting that every single door is patched with a 1-3/4" strip of scraps?
Builder: Oh yeah... It will be okay.
Designer: ?#@$%^



Builder: So... What do you want us to do with this? It won’t fit in the elevator. How about a [inferior] substitute?
Designer: Have you ... tried loading it in the elevator?
Builder: No, but we measured. How about a [inferior] substitute?
Designer: Perhaps opening the top hatch of the elevator will fit it vertically.
Builder: Well... we can't get the hatch to open. How about a [inferior] substitute?
Designer: about loading it on top of the elevator?
Builder: Well... blah blah won't work. How about a [inferior] substitute?
Designer: What about moving up the stairs? It should fit in the stairs.
Builder: Well... the sub only has one guy...and he's really old and I think 19 floors would kill him. How about a [inferior] substitute?
Designer: Can we get more guys then?
Builder: That will add cost! How about a [inferior] substitute?
Designer: Get a [?#@$%^] substitute.



Builder: By the way, the substitute is 8 weeks lead time...
Designer: But construction is already 2 months behind schedule!!!