anectorial : 001

Oh, what a wonderful day at the building department... (by an an anonymous interior designer)

1030 hrs office departure
1055 hrs search for parking
1100 hrs arrival
1101 hrs information desk (receive a Q-matic number) Q-matic
1121 hrs window#12 (plan screener)
1205 hrs window#2 (building records to get a plot plan and a certificate of occupancy, realization: no record on digital database)
1206 hrs window#6 (screened records on microfiche)


Highlight of the day: is that Alex Trebek ?!?!
(in parking validation line of course)


1400 hrs back to window#12 (with a new Q-matic number and go back of the line)
1410 hrs assigned to a plan checker
1435 hrs request check for plan check from client
1535 hrs plan check arrival take out plan


FINALLY eat lunch


1550 hrs pay check at cashier
1600 hrs fire department sign off
1635 hrs planning department in another building
1650 hrs exit building department world
1700 hrs perfect time to go back to freeway traffic


W.T.F. !?