anectorial : 000

Some random questions that surround us everyday and hopefully future anectorials would raise your brows at least... questions will only grow and answers crisscross (by dk)

  Why do people love those metal and chain (or white picket) fences in front yard?
  Speaking of front yard, what's the point of it?
  Southern California is sunny over 95% of the year, where are the solar panels?
  Can developers ever build something reasonably designed or interesting?
  When was the last time you saw the entire drawing without the command, 'zoom-all?'
  Does anyone care about architectural theory in reality?
  Design = luxury?
  LA River, does it really exist?
  Do clients ever know what they are talking about?
. Do designers ever know what they are talking about?
  How smart is your home?
  Parking, parking, damn parking!?
  Garage, modern gate to your home
  Who's your daddy? And you know it matters...
  Is it me or do you like to break the law and building something crazy in your house, office, etc?
  Designer and insomnia
  Communities in auto-cultured Los Angeles, where?
  Who practices non-profit architecture?
  Why can('t) architects "advertise"?
. Contractors, do they know how to build?
  Does anyone care about urban spaces in city like Los Angeles?
  Building industry and catalog design, is there a difference?
. Authority figures in architecture, politics anyone?
  Architects, do they know how to build?